Periodic Table + (iPhone version)

The Periodic table+ application is interactive table with many informations about elements. The Periodic table+ includes links to wikipedia for each element. All temperatures informations are in Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit units. All informations are in english. If you are looking for some element, you can use search bar.

You can search by:

- Proton number
- Symbol
- English name
- Latin name

On the top of the screen is a filter. You can choose one of seven options. Default option is "All", it means that all elements are visibled. If you choose another one, some elements will dissapear (which elements exactly dissapear depends on your selected option) but it will be still active.


Detail of Element

Loading screen

If you want to try this application and donť want to pay, you can download lite version. Lite version includes advertisements. Paid version is without adds.